Today's News and Specials

We are CRAZY over our Customers and will miss you during our Winter Break! See you on 'Fat Tuesday', March 5th!!!!
2019-02-10 18:33:29
Until 1PM today (Sunday)... have Rockfish and Scallops. Also, Pimento Cheese, Soups, Blood Oranges, Hot House Tomatoes, Bread Pudding and more. Fresh Shucked Oysters are $10. a Pint While Supplies last!
2019-02-10 16:06:44
We have finished up our last regular Dinner Service until March 5th. We would like to thank all of our customers/friends that have made our little business grow year after year. And thanks to our amazing staff that gets it done week after week!. We will return ready to get back it it and before you know it, the summer season will be here! Lot's of fun and delicious happenings are about to occur. Tomorrow evening, we have a private dinner that we are hosting. Between the hours of 11AM and 2PM or while supplies last, we will open for the purchase of some fresh items. Here is what we have. Some really nice and fresh veggies including Spinach, Peppers, Cucumbers, Lettuce and Tomatoes. Fresh Fruits, Soup, some Fresh Rockfish, Oysters by the Pint, and Scallops. Boars Head Meats, Pimento cheese, Cole Slaw and More! 1st Come/1st Serve.
2019-02-10 02:14:45
Whole Fried Mediterranean Bronzini! Served over Pineapple/Habanero Seaoned Yellow Rice and topped with Sauteed Veggies!
2019-02-10 01:34:34
We take much pride in the food and drink that we serve at Denson's. Not only does it have to taste great...It has to look great too! Our Bloody Mary's...Wow! Bloody's should not be boring! And our Oysters....Always served Ice cold and over crushed ice. And here is a Sunday Brunch Idea for Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day Weekend. You can reserve Denson's Courtyard for you and 16 of your closest Friends for a Private Brunch complete with a Bloody Mary Bar. We just need advance notice!
2019-02-09 23:56:23
Here is our 'Shelby Girl' taking out the 1st Appetizer of the night. Tonight is Shelby's Birthday. She could have had it off, but she really wanted to serve tonight at Denson's! And she does it soooo well! Here is our Boars Head Plate (Designed by Denson 'Artiste de Plaque' Angel Hurt) complete with Mixed olives, Grapes, Stone Ground Mustard, Multi-Grain Crackers and Asiago Cheese Bread!
2019-02-09 22:31:27

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