Today's News and Specials

Just to let everyone know that when we open our Market Tomorrow morning for our freezer sale, we will also be offering Gift Certificates for those loved ones that enjoy a 'Delicious' Stocking Stuffer. Today has been a busy Gift Certificate day and we were not even open.
2019-12-11 22:25:07
Tomorrow's 'Dinner for One'.....(Available for 'Carryout' Only) Rocky's Meat Loaf with Creamy Yukon Gold Mash, Gravy and Baby Sweet Peas. And Something New! We are going to make a Spinach, Red Onion, Black Olive, Genoa Salami, Sweet Ham Flatbread Pizza (We feel it is chilly enough to 'Crank Up' our Pizza Oven).
2019-12-11 19:56:29
As most of our Facebook Fans know, we normally put on a really nice freezer sale before we go on Winter Break in February in order to get ready for the next season. Last year, we were completely Sold Out. This year we ordered a lot of Crab Meat and made a lot of Crab Cakes, We also have quite a bit of fish and scallops. As a matter of fact, we are getting critically low on freezer space, Therefore, we are going to move up our freezer sale. Tomorrow, we are normally closed until 5PM when we begin dinner service. Tomorrow, (Thursday) we will have our 'MARKET ONLY' Open from 11AM to 2PM. Sorry, we will not be preparing Lunch. Here is what we will have available....This Sale will run through the weekend or until supplies are gone. CRAB CAKES $10 each piece ALL FISH and SCALLOPS..50% Off (With the exception of Wild Caught Salmon). CRAB MEAT- 30% OFF WILD CAUGHT SALMON- 20% Off ALL FROZEN SOUPS- 50% Off ALL FROZEN 'DINNERS FOR ONE'- 50% Off This sale DOES NOT apply to Ice Cream Products! Also, Last year we had a lot of folks that wanted to get in before the sale started, including coming in our back door. The Sale will not begin until we open our front door at 11AM tomorrow. If you plan to participate, we would also like to ask you to bring in your own shopping/insulated bag.
2019-12-11 17:42:18
Here is our schedule for this week: Thursday: 5PM to 8PM Dinner Friday: 11AM to 2PM Lunch/ 5PM to 8PM Dinner Saturday: 11AM to 2PM Lunch (No Saturday Dinner Service due to an off-site catering) This week's soup will be House Made Shrimp Bisque our Specialty Sandwiches will be our 'Piled High' New York Style Reuben. Thinly Sliced Corned Beef Piled High, topped with Sauerkraut and Swiss. Finished with Russian Dressing on Sourdough and grilled until crispy. Another Sandwich that we will be introducing will be our Grilled Cheese with Neuske's Applewood Smoked Bacon and Tomato on Sourdough with a spread of Williamsburg Sauce. Our Delmonico Steaks have been almost as popular as our Seafood. Sourced from Fell's Point Meats of Baltimore, These 14 Ounce Average USDA Choice Cuts are well marbled and holds much flavor. We feel the quality is superior to the 'Restaurant Grade' offerings. Rockfish are looking really nice. At times we offer a variety of fish, but the best seller EVER at Denson's is Wild Caught and Fresh Chesapeake Bay Rockfish. You can always order it Fried, Grilled or Blackened. The most requested plate? Blackened Rockfish and Grits! Fresh Rockfish Fillet, Blackened and plated over Slow Cooked, Creamy, Stone Ground Grits, and finished with Tasso Ham Gravy. Fresh Shucked Oysters are Chesapeake Bay Sourced and are from Tilghman Island, MD. They are Plump, Sweet, and Beautiful. Denson's serves them up Stewed, Frittered, Grilled, Fried and Raw. We are currently at the restaurant preparing for the Week and are accepting calls for reservations. 804.224.4121
2019-12-11 16:50:22
Our Winter Break begins after Dinner Service on Saturday February 15th, 2020. Which means....We will be open for Valentine's Day (Friday February 14th) for the 1st time in a few years! Our Dinner will be Special! Here are our 'Tentative' Plans! A FIVE COURSE DINNER!!!!!! We will begin with a Amuse-Bouche Plate to get your appetite going. 2nd- Cup of ' Special', not regularly on our menu.. Soup 3rd- Salad Course 4th- Entrees...Here is what your choices are (Depending on Availability) A- Grilled 20 Ounce 'Dry Aged' Porterhouse Steak B- (2 Pound Avg) Maine Lobster (Cut and Ready to enjoy with Drawn Butter) C- Fresh Filet of Florida Grouper (Grilled or Blackened). Most likely Black Grouper, but we will try very hard to get 'Scamp'. 5th- Decadent Dessert Because we are a ways off a bit, we do not have pricing. But we wanted to get this out on our Facebook Page because it will be reservation Only. We will have more detailed Information after the 1st of the year. If you would like to reserve a table for two or 4, give us a call at 804.224.4121. It's going to be FUN...and ROMANTIC...Grrrrrrrrr!
2019-12-10 00:44:55
OK, Today is a little more like it now that folks know that we have not closed for the season! We do have a few spots open for tonight's dinner service. Here is our Menu. Check out the Appetizers and sides! The Entree speak for themselves! Can you tell we really do love this? STARTERS NORTHERN NECK OYSTER STEW- Fresh Virginia Oysters , Oyster Liquor, Butter, a ‘Little’ Sea Eagle Seasoning, and a ‘Splash’ of Heavy Cream for Color- CHICKEN/SHRIMP/ANDOUILLE GUMBO- We start with a Roux, add the ‘Trinity’, Chicken, Shrimp and Andouille. Served with a Dollup of Yellow Rice and finished with Chopped Green Onion.- CRISPY AND SPICY FRIED CHICKEN LIVERS- Plated over baby Arugula and finished with Chopped Green Onion and a drizzle of Sweet & Spicy Chili Sauce - CRISPY DUCK FAT, TRUFFLE OIL, AND PARMESAN POMME FRITES- Our Hand Cut Idaho Fries finished with Duck Fat, Drizzled with White Truffle Oil and finished with Grated Parmesan cheese- ANGELS CHEESE, CURED MEAT AND PICKLE BOARD- A wonderful Starter with assorted cheeses, Cured Meats and Pickles. Served with Seedless grapes, Stone Ground Mustard, Preservation Society Pepper Jelly and Multi Grain Crackers- DENSON’S ‘SOUTHERN STYLE’ POUTINE- Our Crispy Hand Cut Fries, Chorizo, Denson’s Pimento Cheese, fried Shallots, and finished with a ‘Dollup’ of Crème Fraiche- FRIED FRESH CALAMARI- We ‘Hand Cut’ fresh Squid Tubes into rings, lightly coated with house Autry and Fried until Golden. Drizzled with Sweet Chili Sauce- HOUSEMADE PORK RINDS AND PIMENTO CHEESE- We fry our own Pork rinds and they arrive to your table still cracklin’. Dusted with Old Bay- NORTH CAROLINA HOG DIP- A ‘Zesty’.Hhousemade Dip of fresh sausage, tomatoes, chilies, and more. Served with House Made Pita Chips- ENTREES GRILLED ‘PORTERHOUSE CUT’ MILK FED VEAL CHOP- Fresh from Fell’s Point Meats! 14 Ounce Average Porterhouse Cut Veal Chop Gently seasoned and grilled to a Mid-Rare Temp. Plated over Veal Demi-Glace, topped with Fall Apple/Pecan Compote and plated with Crispy Duck Fat Fries drizzled with Truffle Oil and completed with a ‘Sprinkle’ of Imported Parmesan. Served with our Seasoned Slow Cooked Collards.- GRILLED USDA CHOICE GRADE DELMONICO STEAK- A (14 Ounce Average) USDA Choice Grade and well marbled Delmonico Steak grilled to your specified Temp. Served with your choice of (2) Sides.- HALF POUND OF FRESH SPICED ‘PEEL AND EAT’ SHRIMP- A Half pound of Fresh, never frozen , Large Carolina White Shrimp perfectly spiced and served up with our House Made Cole Slaw, and Crispy Fries- FRIED OR SPICED ‘LOW COUNTRY’ PLATE- Just like Picking up fresh Shrimp off the boat when at the beach! (10) Wild, Fresh and Never Frozen, Large and Sweet Carolina White Shrimp Peeled and deveined ‘In-House’, gently coated with House Autry and Fried until Golden. Served with our Hand Cut Fries and creamy Cole Slaw- FRIED GREAT LAKES PLATE- Fresh, Mild and Flaky Great Lakes Walleye Fillet dipped in Fresh Buttermilk, coated with House Autry and Fried until Golden. Finished with Neuske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon Crème. Plated with Seasoned Green Beans and Denson’s Corn Pudding .- BLACKENED CHEASAPEAKE BAY ROCKFISH OR FRESH CAROLINA WHITE SHRIMP & GRITS- A generous portion of Wild Chesapeake Bay Rockfish, Blackened or fresh pan cooked Carolina White Shrimp plated over Slow Cooked and Creamy Grits. Topped with Tasso Ham Gravy and Served with Crusty Bread and (1) side.- STUFFED FILET OF SIRLOIN STEAK DINNER—An 8 ounce cut of USDA Choice Grade Angus Beef Sirloin Filet and stuffed with Bleu Cheese. Grilled to your specified Temp and plated over Balsamic Reduction. Served with your choice of (2) Sides PAN SEARED JUMBO SEA SCALLOPS- (4) Sweet , Large North Atlantic Sea Scallops Pan Seared and Plated over Mango Puree on a Mini Iron Skillet. With your choice of (2) Sides.- SIDES: Seasoned Yellow Rice, ‘Denson’s ‘Hand Cut’ French Fries, Creamy Yukon Gold Mash, Pot Liquor and Cornbread, Fried Cauliflower Steak drizzled with Remoulade, Mac& Cheese, Seasoned Green Beans, Anne Denson’s Corn Pudding, House Made Cole Slaw, Seasoned and Tender Local Collards, Crispy Local Brussels Sprouts with a ‘Drizzle’ of Balsamic Reduction , Mixed Greens Side Salad.
2019-12-07 18:37:28

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