Today's News and Specials

We are 'Full' for tonight's Dinner Service! Counter Seats and tables in LeGrand's Patio will be available on a 1st Come/1st serve basis.
2017-08-19 19:10:35
Had a great dinner at Denson's tonight. For anyone looking for a relaxing atmosphere and a fantastic dining have to go to Denson's Grocery and R&B Oyster Bar. This butterfly shrimp stuffed with crab was out of this world!! Rocky and Blaire y'all are great!!
2017-08-19 02:28:54
Arrived...We are excited to be serving these! Beautiful Fish!
2017-08-18 19:35:33
It's Official!!!!! 5 Lion Fish heading our way to be put on our Menu tonight. Scored and Fried Whole. Plated over Mixed Lettuce with Melon, Citrus,Red Onion tossed with Wasabi/Yuzu. Finished with Fish Sauce and served with Crispy Fingerling Potatoes. We still have some tables available.
2017-08-18 18:34:27
Alaskan Salmon Season is in Full Swing. We are so happy to be able to Source FRESH, NEVER FROZEN Alaskan Sockeye. Like our Crab Cakes, we only serve Salmon during the Alaskan Salmon Season. Denson's does not to serve the Atlantic Farm Raised Salmon! Tonight we are serving Sockeye over Blue Crab Risotto!
2017-08-17 19:20:10
Here is Thursday's Dinner Menu! We have some seating available. For reservations, call us at 804.224.4121 STARTERS NORTHERN NECK OYSTER STEW- Fresh Virginia Oysters , Oyster Liquor, Butter, a ‘Little’ Sea Eagle Seasoning, and a ‘Splash’ of Heavy Cream for Color- HOUSE MADE CHICKEN, ANDOUILLE AND SHRIMP GUMBO- We start with a Traditional Roux, then adds the ‘Trinity, Okra, Tomatoes, Fresh Chicken Breast, Smoked Andouille Sausage, and Sweet Wild Caught and Domestic Shrimp. Served with White Rice and finished with Chopped Green Onion - AVOCADO CRAB SALAD- Fresh Avocado, Diced Tomato over Chopped Crispy Romaine Lettuce. Drizzled with Citrus Vinaigrette, topped with Fresh Jumbo Lump Blue Crab and finished with Sea Eagle Seasoning-- SOFT CRAB SAMPLER- A whole ‘Whale Grade’ and Locally Sourced Soft Crab, Quartered, Coaed with House Autry, and Fried until Golden. Served with (2) Dipping Sauces- FRIED POINT JUDITH CALAMARI- We Hand Cut Fresh and Cleaned Squid Tubes with Tentacles, give them a coating of House Autry and fry until golden. Finished with a ‘Drizzle’ of Sweet Chili Sauce- FRIED GREEN TOMATOES- (4) Slices of Green Tomato soaked in Buttermilk, coated with House Autry and Fried until Golden. Finished with a ‘Drizzle’ of Remoulade- FRIED CHESAPEAKE BAY SUGAR TOADS- The Tail section of the Northern Puffer Fish. The fish is as ugly as a toad , but the meat is as sweet as sugar! Coated with House Autry and Fried until Golden. Served with Sweet Chili Sauce.- MAINS GRILLED NEW YORK STRIP STEAK- An 14 Ounce USDA ‘Choice Grade’, Well Marbled Strip Steak gently coated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper. Served with Yukon Gold Potatoes with Cheese, and Grilled Asparagus.- BLACKENED CHESAPEAKE BAY ROCKFISH TOPPED LOCALLY SMOKED TOMATO SALSA - Fresh Chesapeake Bay Rockfish coated with our Blackening Seasonings and Seared over High Heat. Plated over Seasoned Yellow Rice and finished With Locally Sourced Smoked Tomato Salsa. Served with 1 Additional Side - GRILLED FRESH ALASKAN SOCKEYE SALMON- A generous portion of Fresh Alaskan Sockeye gently seasoned with a squeeze of Fresh Lemon, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper. Plated over Blue Crab Risotto and served with your choice of (1) Side- STUFFED CAROLINA WHITE SHRIMP- (4) Fresh, Never Frozen Carolina White Shrimp stuffed with Denson’s Award Winning Crab Cake. Fried until Golden, drizzled with Sweet Chili Sauce and Served with your choice of (2) Sides- CRAB CAKE STUFFED LOCAL SOFT CRAB- A Freshly Sloughed Local Soft Crab stuffed with our Award Winning Crab Cake. Coated with House Autry and Fried until Golden. Drizzled with Sweet Chili Sauce and Served with your choice of (2) Sides- NORTHERN NECK CRAB CAKE DINNER- (2) Denson’s Grocery Award Winning Crab Cakes Pan Cooked in an Iron Skillet and served with your choice of (2) Sides- FRIED OYSTER PLATE- (10) Freshly Shucked, Sweet & Plump Oysters coated with House Autry and Fried until Golden. Served with your Choice of (2) Sides - PAN SEARED JUMBO SEA SCALLOPS- (4) ‘Dry Pack’ , and Sweet Jumbo Sea Scallops Pan Seared and Plated over Mango Puree and Finished with Crumbles of Neuske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon. Served with your choice of (2) Sides.- STUFFED FILET OF SIRLOIN STEAK DINNER—We Butterfly an 8 ounce portion of Certified Angus Beef Sirloin Filet and Stuff it with Delicious Bleu Cheese. Grilled to your specified Temp and plated over Demi-Glace. Served with Your Choice of (2) sides.- Add a Crab Cake to any Entrée for an additional SIDES: Yukon Gold Potatoes w/ Cheese*Habanero/Pineapple Seasoned Yellow Rice* Denson’s Pasta Salad *Old Bay Buttered Local white Sweet Corn on the Cob*Crispy Brussels Sprouts*Grilled Fresh Asparagus seasoned with Lemon Pepper*Fried local Okra* Cole Slaw*Tomato/Cucumber/Onion/Watermelon Salad*Chilled Sweet Pea Salad*Sliced Ripe local Tomatoes drizzled with Apple Cider Vinegar and finished with a ‘Dollop’ of Duke’s Mayo*
2017-08-17 19:05:19

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