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Tomato Soup and a Grilled Cheese on a rainy and chilly day. Gotta love it!!!! Our's has a Twist of course. Nope, the Tomato Soup is not out of a can. It's made with Garner's Produce Tomatoes, Fresh Sweet Basil, Manchego Cheese and Heavy Cream. Our Grilled Cheese...1st of's not american cheese. We use three types...Gouda, Muenster, and Extra Sharp Cheddar. on Sourdough. The Sourdough is Grilled and it comes out Crispy with delicious Gooey Cheesyness inside. Yes....It's That Good!
2019-11-22 17:30:54
Today was made for Soup! And we have some good ones today. We had the last of some Garner's Homegrown Tomatoes and Rocky made a Tomato/Fresh Basil and Manchego Soup. We are doing this as a 'Combo' with a Cup of Soup and our Ultimate Grilled Cheese (Gouda, Muenster, and Sharp Cheddar on Sourdough) unfortunately, this combo will not be available for Carryout. Rocky also made a Virginia Brunswick Stew that will be served with Warm Cornbread and Sweet Cream Butter. Then, there is always Denson's Oyster Stew that can be ordered with (2) Kite's Country Ham Biscuits. We open at 11AM And Tonight's Dinner? Our Specials will be Whole Fried Bronzini, Colorado Lamb Chops and USDA Choice Grade Delmonico Steaks. For Dinner Reservations, call us at 804.224.4121
2019-11-22 15:25:08
One of Tonight's 'Dinner for One'...Blue Crab Quiche. Nice job on these Blaire!
2019-11-21 22:34:52
Denson's Chesapeake Bay Farm to Table is being represented by our good friend Rob Carroll in the Central American Nation of Belize! Thanks for the Pic Rob!
2019-11-21 22:30:22
Tonight's 'Dinner for One'... Our Flamingo Sub (Pictured), and Baby Back Ribs, Naked, Seasoned and Wrapped on the grill. Also available...Individual Blue Crab Quiche and House Made Virginia Brunswick Stew with Cornbread. We open at 5PM
2019-11-21 19:21:21
Rocky, Blaire and Staff are extremely sad and heavy hearted due to the sudden passing of our dear friend Tommy Setliff. Tommy's wife of over 50 years, Shirley, has been a mainstay at Denson's from the start of our business. You could also consider Tommy as one of the Denson's Staff as well. He could always be counted on to help us when deliveries are made on days we are closed, checking Refrigeration Temps, and the many runs to Montross picking up Oysters at Capt. Faunce Seafood because Rocky did not order enough.. Tommy was also a Lifetime Member of The Colonial Beach Fire Department and a fixture and important part of the Colonial Beach Drifter Teams for Many, Many Years. Last year he was awarded 'Drifter of the Year'! We send our Sympathy to Shirley and their close and loving family!
2019-11-21 17:47:24

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